• Must live in Lauderdale, Colbert or Franklin county, Alabama.
  • Must receive either Food Stamps or Medicaid and provide proof that you receive one of these.  You can submit a copy of your proof either by mailing to 2701 Mall Drive, PMB 266, Florence, AL, or emailing it to
  • Must complete an application (1 for each pet).  These can be completed using the form below, sent through e-mail, or hard copy via mail)
  • Must pay a copay of $25 per animal. This can be provided by:
  • Mailing a money order to the above address (if you have more than one animal, please submit only one money order for all)
  • Using PayPal with the DONATE button on this website.
  • Using credit card or PayPal on our Facebook page with the DONATE button. 

Once all requirements have been met, we will schedule an appointment with one of our local vet partners.  NASANA will pay for a rabies vaccination if your pet is not up to date. Owner will be responsible for any other costs acquired not associated with the spay/neuter surgery. 

*You can get assistance for up to 5 animals per year, per household. Must submit application and co-pay for each animal. 


Read above Instructions, complete form and click "send"

application to download, print and mail