If you live in Lauderdale, Colbert or Franklin county and receive either Food Stamps or Medicaid, you can apply to have up to 4 animals a year fixed.

If you meet the above requirements – fill out an application below* (MUST fill out an application for EACH animal). You will need to mail in a $25 copay for each animal and proof of eligibility (copy of either a food stamp or Medicaid card) to NASANA, 2701 Mall Drive, PMB 266, Florence, AL 35630 before surgery is scheduled.

In addition, you will be required to get a rabies shot for your animal when you take it in for the surgery if it has not had one within a year and you will be responsible for paying the vet for that vaccination.

*if you prefer to have an application sent to you, email us at or call us at 256-415-5499 and we will get one to you by mail.

Spay/Neuter Form

Mailing Address:
2701 Mall Drive, PMB 266
Florence, AL 35630
Email Address:
Phone: (256)415-5499