About us

In 2015, over 1200 animals were euthanized in our three-county service area. That year we established Northwest Alabama Spay and Neuter Assistance (NASANA) to help tackle the problem of homeless pets and euthanasia rates in our communities. NASANA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that advocates for animals living in low-income households to have access to affordable sterilization surgery. 

Our focus is on assisting low-income families because research has shown cost is one of the major obstacles in having pets spayed/neutered in many communities. We have also found through research that animals living in low-income households are less likely to be fixed than those living in households with higher incomes. 

We believe by addressing the root of the problem (pets not being spayed/neutered) we will have a better chance at fulfilling our mission. Our goals are to not only reduce the number of homeless, impounded or euthanized dogs and cats, but to improve the overall welfare of the animals and people in our community. We also strive to help educate others in the health and financial benefits of spaying/neutering and to establish an awareness of the impact of poverty on pet care. 

Moving forward we are hoping to raise enough funds to reduce co-pays, extend eligibility opportunities to more households, and increase monthly donors and recurring donations. If you'd like to support our cause in any way, visit our "Donate" page. Follow us on Facebook for regular posts of the animals we are helping!